Lose muffin top fast at home with these 15 exercises! You can do them anytime, no equipment is needed. They are simple but super effective!

What I’ve also discovered that works great for losing muffin top is walking. Believe it or not, it does seem strange since walking is easy, but it’s super effective at blasting away muffin top fat. Give it a try and see.

Now, 15 best moves to lose muffin top at home are

  • crab toe touch
  • knee grab sit ups
  • bicycle
  • standing elbow to knee
  • crab kicks
  • leg raises
  • mountain climbers
  • sprinter sit ups
  • plank walk out
  • half squat walk
  • reverse crunch
  • pulse ups
  • walking knee hugs
  • march jacks
  • roll ups

Do these exercises back to back and complete as many rounds as you can. If you’re a beginner start with one round and keep increasing.

Do exercises every other day for fast results.

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