Got no time to workout? Not a problem.

Ten minutes is enough to get a good workout in and lose fat.

You don’t need any equipment, just 10 minutes of your time and a tiny bit of space.

Do this workout at least few times per week and see how effective it is! It gets you losing fat and looking toned in no time!

Workout consist of 5 exercises

  • mountain climbers
  • burpees
  • high knees
  • jump squats
  • plank jacks

Do each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat 4 rounds.

Push yourself extra hard for those 30 seconds!


Mountain climbers

Start in a push up position. Bring one knee to the chest, then return leg to starting position. Now bring the other knee to chest and again return leg to starting position. That’s one rep. Make sure you don’t lift your hips or arch your back.


Bend over and place your hands down on the floor in front of you, a bit outside of your feet. Jump both feet back at once and land in plank position. Drop to a push up, all the way down with your chest touching the floor. Now, jump your feet back in, towards your hands. From this position, explode up into air and reach your arms up as well. Once you’ve landed back down, you can count one rep.

High knees

Stand up straight with feet together, but not touching. Bring one knee up towards the chest, as high as you can, place that leg back on the floor. And then bring the other knee up to the chest and place the leg back on the floor. You can keep your arms close to the chest and try to touch them with your knees.

Jump squats

Start with feet shoulder width apart. Do a regular squat, then jump up explosively. As you land lower the body back into the squat position.

Plank jacks

Start in plank position with arms straight and wrists directly below shoulders. Legs are together. Engage abs and jump feet out into a wide V. Hop feet back together to return to starting position.