Most likely you already know how important it is to detox. But detox can often be hard. Not everyone can do juice detoxes and such.

But this, you can do this for sure!

All you need to do is eat more of these foods that easily and painlessly detox the body.


Rich in vitamins B3, B6 and vitamin C. Also, a very good source of iron, zinc and calcium, and guess what? They promote the detoxification process! And that’s why beetroot is very good at detoxing the body.


Balances the acid levels in the body. Lemon helps in excreting the toxins from the body as well.


Powerful antiseptic that gets rid of microbes and reduces toxins build up in the body.


Full of nutrients and fiber that promote a very good cleanse on the whole inside of the body.

Green tea

Magical green tea leaves are filled with antioxidants that are very powerful at detoxing the body.


Curcumin, which is present in the turmeric, is one of the most powerful detoxing tools.


Eating cabbage promotes good bowel movements, which makes it easier for the body to get rid of the toxins. Cleanses the liver too.


Loaded in fiber, that scrapes up everything and makes it easy for the body to get it all out of it’s system.


Extremely high in antioxidants, cranberries also decrease inflammation in the body, which hugely helps body to detox.

Green vegetables

Green veggies are rich in chlorophyll, and chlorophyll is very helpful in detoxifying process.


Very important detox food, because cilantro helps in loosening the toxins from the blood and organs.