Apple cider vinegar is such an easy way to boost health! The benefits are way too many!

Consume a tbsp or two of apple cider vinegar a day and easily improve your health!

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 Here are only some benefits of apple cider vinegar

 1.  Digestion

ACV speeds up digestion by activating enzymes. Believe it or not a lot of enzymes are dormant and need to be activated! Sounds crazy but it’s true! 


 2.  Better absorption of minerals and vitamins

Many minerals and vitamins, such as calcium and magnesium, vitamin k and so on, need certain ph to be absorbed, and ph is usually too alkaline for that. Drinking ACV helps bring ph where minerals and vitamins can be better absorbed.


3. Lowers pathogens

Acid prevents bacterial overgrowth. Taking ACV regularly means creating environment in which  microbes can’t thrive. 


4.  Controls levels of blood sugar

Lowers blood sugar levels and it can help fight diabetes too. 


 5.  Decreases gas and bloating

Helps and speeds up digestion. Big cause of bloating is undigested protein and ACV helps body digest protein. 


 6.  Decreases acid reflux

ACV can relieve acid reflux immediately. And it can also be great long term solution for acid reflux, as it doesn’t just treat the problem but actually fixes it! 

7 . Boosts energy

ACV helps break down lactic acid build up which causes fatigue. And potassium and enzymes in it can refresh you when you’re feeling tired. 

 8.  Clears stuffy nose

ACV can relieve stuffed nose from a cold. All you need to do is drink some. 

 9.  Promotes heart health

By lowering cholesterol and cleaning out the arteries. 

10. Helps you lose weight and reduce belly fat

If you have belly fat, drink some apple cider vinegar daily and your belly fat will start to reduce for sure.

Also, ACV is a great appetite suppressant so it helps you curb hunger and eat less. Because of that, it’s great to consume ACV when losing weight.

11. Boosts longevity

Powerful antioxidants that are in ACV prevent premature aging. ACV slows down aging process and makes your skin look youthful as well.


12. Better immune system

It stimulates white blood cells to work faster and helps fight infections. 


How to take it:


You want to drink 1 – 2 tbsp a day in a glass of water. You can add lemon and honey as well for better taste and more benefits. 

Great brand to use is Braggs because their ACV is organic, raw and contains ‘mother’. Raw means that it contains enzymes.  Containing ‘mother’ means that’s it’s unfiltered so it has residue of fiber, bacteria, yeast and pectin. And that’s the good stuff you don’t wanna miss out on! 

If you can’t find Braggs ACV and you’re getting some other brand, just make sure it contains the ‘mother’. It’s the best if it’s raw and organic too. But you can easily get Braggs on Amazon.