Weight loss can be hard, so it’s always great when you can make it a bit easier. And that’s what these 20 foods do. They don’t make you lose weight magically, but they definitely help speed up the process.

And don’t worry, they taste good too.

20 foods that speed up weight loss:


High in water, low in calories, apples are great to have on a weight loss diet. Avoid drinking apple juice and just eat the real thing.


are a great source of resistant starch, which is great for weight loss. Body digests resistant starch slowly and that helps you feel full for long periods of time. Bananas also encourage the liver to go into fat burning mode.


Full of fiber and water, super low in calories, carrots are a great food for weight loss. Because they are so low in calories, but super filling, you can snack on them all the time.

Coconut oil

It’s a healthy fat that makes you feel full quickly and helps you eat fewer calories.


Cup of coffee speeds up metabolism and helps eliminate waste. But because you’re in weight loss process, have only black coffee with nothing added to it.


Great source of protein which keeps you full for long. Egg whites are very good for your metabolism as well.


Lowers insulin which leads to weight loss. Also great for hydration as grapefruit is 90% water. And, in case you didn’t know, dehydration is often cause of overeating.

Black beans

Make you feel full for very long. They help burn calories as well, and are great for shrinking your belly.


Provide lots of protein and fiber. Oats are super healthy, metabolism boosting starch.


Helps boost metabolism and is very low in calories, as 150 grams of kimchi contain only 40 calories.


Lentils are a superfood. They contain lots of fiber, protein and resistant starch, so they are a very satiating food.

Greek yogurt

Light, healthy, filling food that is great for your stomach. Stick with greek yogurt and avoid regular yogurt which has way too much sugar.


Great source of healthy fats. Almonds reduce hunger which, in return, helps you lower your overall calorie intake.


Natural appetite suppressant and it’s good at slimming down waist. But, be careful, as one avocado has 322 calories.


Artichokes are loaded with fiber. Fiber is what keeps everything moving well on the inside. Fiber also makes you feel full fast.


Contain a starch that is digested slowly. You feel satisfied for long and eat less in return.

Chili peppers

One of the best foods for metabolism. Capsaicin found in chili peppers increases fat burning.

Dark chocolate

Enjoy this deliciousness freely as it contains some really good things, including monounsaturated fatty acids which speed up metabolism.

Kidney beans

That good resistant starch, which keeps you full for long, is also in kidney beans. And that means they are digested slowly, so you feel full for quite some time.


Be careful with potatoes, you don’t want to go crazy with them. And avoid fried potatoes completely. But, they are a healthy, starchy vegetable that easily fills you up.