Losing weight is really not that complicated or that hard, the thing is, it takes time.

You need patience.

It’s really true that small changes can bring results, but you need to give it time.

So keep that in mind.

Make some adjustments that you can realistically stick with, and give it time.

So here are some simple ways that you can lose weight

Don’t look at your phone or TV while you eat

This may seem so insignificant, but it’s really not.

Being distracted while you eat is what mostly causes overeating. You’re full, but your brain is too busy processing something else to even realize it. And so you overeat.

Distractions also cause you to eat too fast and not chew food properly. And that causes bloating and slows down metabolism.

As you can see, avoiding distractions and being present as you eat, is super important. And it’s a simple change you can make right away that will definitely have impact on your metabolism and weight loss.

Replace all drinks with water or tea

Sodas, juices, tea and most store bought drinks are usually high in calories, and what is worse, it’s empty calories.

Instead of all of that, stick with basics. Good old plain water and tea, brewed at home. Herbal tea is the best option. You can use some natural sweetener, but if you find a flavor of tea you really like, you won’t even need to add any sweetener.

By cutting out all these processed drinks, you are easily cutting hundreds of calories from your daily calorie intake.

Keep counters clean

Avoid having food out on counter tops and tables. Clearly, food you see is a lot more tempting than food you don’t see.

You can have fresh fruit available for grabbing on counter tops, which bring me to my next point

Make healthy food convenient

You are more likely to make healthy food choices if healthy food is easy to eat.

So prepare healthy meals and snacks in advance so that you can just easily grab it and eat it anytime.

You can also chop up a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies, and keep it in the fridge. That way healthy snacks are the easiest option, o you are more likely to avoid processed snacks.

Distress daily

Stress is definitely one of the causes of weight gain. And it can make weight loss harder as well.

You need to distress daily. Even if you don’t really feel stressed, you need regular distressing.

To distress, you can do anything that relaxes you and makes you feel happy.

You just need to unplug from the rest of the world for a few minutes, so do whatever helps you with that.