Slow metabolism sucks.  We all know ( and hate ) those skinny people that eat anything they want and never gain weight. Their metabolism is that fast.

Since you are reading this, I can guess your metabolism is slow. But I have good news for you. You can increase speed of your metabolism significantly!






Number 1 on the list has to be HIIT.  You probably don’t like it, but if I told you otherwise I would be lying. But hear me out. HIIT is not that hard because it doesn’t have to last for an hour or even half an hour. You can do it for 10 – 15 minutes and get great results. My HIIT workouts usually never last more than 15 minutes.

There is absolutely no better way to increase metabolism significantly. All you need to do is push yourself hard for 10 minutes. And while you are pushing yourself you should try reminding yourself that it will last only 10 minutes. That works for me.



Lifting weights will increase muscle mass. Research have shown that 1 pound of muscle burns seven to ten calories per day while 1 pound of fat burns only two to three calories. This is why if you increase your muscle mass you will be burning more fat.

Another great thing about weight lifting is how much it makes you sweat. It’s probably the best way to beautiful skin as well.

You can do weight training at home or at the gym. For doing them at home clearly you will need some weights. Also, don’t be scared of lifting. Just make sure to perform exercises with proper form.



Sitting all day long is bad for your health and it slows metabolism like nothing else. Even if you work at desk all day, there are always ways for you to move.

Stand up once in a while and do some stretches. For legs it’s great to do some squats because squats will get blood pumping through your legs fast. For upper body do wall push ups. While you are at your desk you can walk in place when you’re on a phone. Walk everywhere. Walk up the stairs, don’t use lifts. Anything will do. Just don’t sit all day long, seriously, it is so bad for you.

And don’t think that if you workout that you can sit still at your desk for hours. Nothing can cancel out hours of sitting.



Drink it and eat more of it. Add it to salads anytime you can.

To drink it, put 1 – 2 tbsp in a glass of water. You can add honey as well. Drink that every morning on empty stomach. You can drink that multiple times a day as well or just have it with a salad.



Sleeping is like a reset for a body, so it’s a reset for digestive system too. Don’t skip sleep and try to get 6 – 8 hours of sleep per night.

If you have trouble slipping well, get a sleep mask and try not to use electronics an hour before going to bed.



Eating food keeps metabolism working well through the day. That’s because body is programmed to go into starvation mode when it’s not getting food. To make sure it’s not spending more energy then it has to, it will slow down metabolism. But since you are eating 5 or 6 meals in a day, you want to make sure that meals are small and that you are not overeating.



Yoga is a great way to give a stimulating massage to your digestive system. Or should I say the only way? I don’t know what other way could you massage digestive system.

Best poses for this are Lord Of The Half Fishes and Wind Relieving pose.

How to do Lord Of The Half Fishes


How to do Wind Relieving pose



The worst thing for metabolism is to keep your body still. You have to move. Stretch every time you stand up, do a few squats, do 20 jumping jacks here and get the point. Just make sure that you’re not exercising a cold muscle, so you don’t get hurt.