You don’t have to do those extremely hard juice fasts and such, to detox your body. Here are 9 foods you can consume that effectively eliminate toxins.


Cleanse your digestive tract and relax your tummy by sipping on some ginger tea, or chewing on some fresh ginger. You can also add some freshly chopped ginger to your drinking water and sip on that all day long. Ginger is a very powerful detoxing agent, so definitely try to have more of it.


It may be impossible to eat it like other fruit, but you can always add it to tea or water and give your body a nice internal cleansing. All the vitamin C in lemon helps boost up immunity as well. You can also enjoy some freshly squeezed lemonade, just instead of sugar use a natural sweetener, like this all-natural stevia you can get at Target.


Yes, delicious pineapple helps you to rid the body of toxins. This yummy fruit contains an enzyme called bromelain, which cleanses the colon. It’s good to soothe an upset stomach as well.


There’s a reason it’s considered a superfood. Rich in nutrients and full of fiber, kale cleanses digestive tract but also kidneys. Add it to your meals any time you can, it’s filling and super effective in detoxing.


Did you know that turmeric is also from the ginger family? And it’s great for detoxing full-body, but especially the liver. It’s a powerful antioxidant as well, so you definitely want to consume more of it. You can add it to any meals it goes well with, but you can also drink it as tea and if you haven’t tried golden milk yet, you are really missing out!


Cleanse your bloodstream and your liver too just with some beets. They are high in nutrients and antioxidants. Considering how beneficial they are for health, they are not appreciated enough. But even so, you can find a lot of recipes to prepare beets in delicious ways, which is way better than to juice them. When juiced, fiber is lost and so are many detoxing properties.


Yes, these pretty weeds are edible, and not only that, but they are a detoxing powerhouse too! Roots are the best to use for toxins elimination, but green parts are good too. When it comes to roots, you can drink them as tea and they are a diuretic as well. Green part or leaves, you can add to salads, and like most leafy greens, they are a bit bitter.


The best thing to eliminate toxins and keep the body cleansed and everything moving well is water. Make sure you always have water on hands by carrying it in water bottles.