Always hungry never full no matter how much you eat?

Hungry even after you just ate?

Even after you eat a lot? It’s never enough?

Many things could be causing your constant hunger.

Let’s take a look at reasons you could be feeling hungry all of the time

Not enough protein

always hungry never full

Protein is the most satiating food.

It’s very important that you eat enough protein.

You can calculate how much protein you should eat in a day and then just track your daily intake.

Or if you can’t bother with all of that, you can just up your protein intake and see if that works to stop hunger.

Good sources of protein are eggs, oats, yogurt, broccoli, quinoa, lentils, fish, peanuts.

Always dieting

If you’re always on some type of a diet your body most likely feels deprived. And that’s why it’s hungry all the time.

If you’re constantly dieting you’re probably trying to lose weight.

But dieting is not needed.

To lose weight all you need to do is create a calorie deficit.

So all of the diets are just not necessary. And most often they’re not helpful. In fact, they can do more harm than good.

Create a calorie deficit and be patient. That’s it.


always hungry never full

Stress triggers hormones that cause hunger. You can feel hungry when you’re totally full just because you’re stressed out.

Most of us already know this as the moment we get stressed out we need food, right?

So that’s another reason why learning to manage stress is so important.

Different things work for different people.

Meditation and yoga have helped me the most with stress.

No eating schedule

Your body has a ‘clock’ and it’s best that you have an eating schedule. That way your body knows when food is coming.

When you have an eating schedule your body knows when it’s getting food and when it’s time to burn some stored fat.

When you eat whenever and have no schedule, once your stomach is empty your body doesn’t go straight to burning stored fat, but instead it tries to force you to give it food.

You need to create an eating schedule that works for you, your daily habits and activities.

Having a schedule makes controlling calorie intake a lot easier too. 

Large calorie deficit

If you’re on a weight loss diet and have created a calorie deficit the deficit may actually be too big and that could be the reason why you’re always hungry.

If that’s the case, try to lower the deficit and see if that works.

Be aware that weight loss takes time.

Losing weight too fast usually is not sustainable.

Be real about your calorie deficit and patient with the time it takes to lose weight.

Processed foods

always hungry never full

Processed foods are poor in nutrients but mostly very high in calories. It’s what’s called empty calories.

You’re eating a ton of calories but the body does not get fed because the nutrients the body needs are just not there.

You are eating but the body is deprived and because of that always hungry.