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5 Easy Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Bloating

These 5 yoga poses are simple and so easy – anyone can do them! Not only that, they feel relaxing too! So, next time you’re bloated, give yoga a chance and see how effective it is at beating bloat. And if you’re wondering why yoga works for debloating, it’s because it massages internal organs and […]

6 Simple Exercises To Get In Shape Fast

Being out of shape is bad for your body, mind and it’s also energy draining as you’re constantly fatigued. So it’s super important to keep yourself in decent shape. Use these exercises to keep yourself in shape. They’re suitable for everyone and require no equipment. Go for at least 20 reps of each exercise. If […]

Yoga For Pelvic Floor

Strong pelvis is important for good posture, balance, breathing and of course, a healthy bladder. Do these 5 yoga poses regularly and keep your pelvic floor healthy. Mountain pose (Tadasana) Stand straight with feet hips distance apart and the outer edges of your feet placed parallel to each other. Lengthen the spine and lift your […]

Best Pre Workout Foods

It’s important to fuel the body before a workout. But it’s also important to get more than just energy out of your pre workout meal. So here are some simple ideas on what you can eat before a workout. Whole grain bread + peanut butter Whole grain bread is a good source of carbs, which […]