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10 Minute Fat Blasting HIIT Workout

Got no time to workout? Not a problem. Ten minutes is enough to get a good workout in and lose fat. You don’t need any equipment, just 10 minutes of your time and a tiny bit of space. Do this workout at least few times per week and see how effective it is! It gets […]

At Home Workout To Lose Thigh Fat Fast

This simple circuit DESTROYS thigh fat! Do it few times a week and you will see – results are amazing! Exercises are side lungegoblet squatone side leg raiseplie squatpistol squatreverse lungelunge jumps Side lunge Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands on hips. Lunge one leg out to the side, toes facing forward. Bend the […]

Full Body Toning Cardio Workout No Equipment Needed

Try this amazing workout that will transform your body super fast! Try it and see for yourself! Workout includes 8 bodyweight exercises : burpeesfrog jumpsboxing jabsjumping lungesopposite leg and armsumo squat jumpsplank jacksswimmers Burpee Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keep arms at your sides. Push hips back, bend the knees and lower your body […]

5 Minutes To Sexy Abs Home Workout

abs in 5 minutes

Blast away belly fat and tone your stomach with this amazing home workout – 5 minutes to sexy abs! Performing exercises correctly is key here, so read instructions on each exercise or watch the video explanation, so you can be sure you’re doing exercises with proper form. Do this workout once every day or every […]

Super Quick HIIT Workout

Super quick HIIT workout

Here’s a super quick, but super effective HIIT workout for you! You can do this at any time in a day when you got a few minutes free. It’s great for total beginners as well. This super quick HIIT workout consists of only 4 bodyweight exercises which are jumping jackssquatsbutt kickspush ups Do 30 reps […]