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Detox Smoothie Only 3 Ingredients

This simple ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS smoothie drink helps body detox itself and aids fat burning! Simply blend ingredients together and drink it every morning. You will feel better after just few days, but it takes few weeks to see weight loss. These are ingredients: 1 lime 1 smaller cucumber 1 green apple Why it works? […]

Nutritious Smoothies That Are Easy To Make

The best smoothies to drink are the ones that are super nutritious! And that’s exactly what all these are! Whip up one of these in just a few minutes and feed your body with all the nutrients it needs! And get a boost of energy and detox effects as well! You can enjoy one of […]

Apple Oats Smoothie For Weight Loss

apple oats smoothie

This weight loss smoothie tastes like a treat! It’s super filling so you can use it as a meal replacer.  Of course, you can drink it any other time you please. It’s healthy and very nutritious.  If you want to lose weight, I recommend that you drink this apple oats weight loss smoothie every morning instead […]

3 Ingredient Spinach Smoothie For Weight Loss

spinach smoothie for weight loss

Smoothies are great for weight loss because they are easy and fast way to consume healthy food. This smoothie has lots of spinach but it taste super delicious. Everyone loves it, including kids! Ingredients needed: 2 cups spinach1 banana1/2 cup fresh orange juice Blend everything together until it’s nice and smooth. Enjoy your smoothie!

Refreshing Healthy Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie

smoothie recipe

Super delicious and filling smoothie! Great to have as a treat when you need something refreshing. It’s healthy because all of it’s ingredients are healthy and here are the benefits of each ingredient listed Strawberry benefits .packed with antioxidants.lowers cholesterol.lowers blood pressure .improves hair health.reduces inflammation .great for heart and eye health.prevents flu.helps burn fat Kiwi […]