Water is essential for proper functioning of the whole body, including your kidneys.

To push waste out of the body through urine, kidneys need lots of water.

To keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, make sure you always have water available by carrying it in your bag.

Healthy diet

Avoid processed junk foods and instead eat real food, such as clean meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts and fruits.

Junk food is very hard on your kidneys and can even cause severe damage.

Foods that are great for the kidneys are grapes and cranberries. Eat more of them and you can add them to your meals as well, such as oatmeal for example. Another thing you can do is juice them up and enjoy that healthy juice along with your kidneys.

Herbal tea

Herbal teas are super rich in antioxidants and active ingredients.

Sip on some of these herbal teas and easily boost the health of your kidneys : stinging nettle, dandelion, ginger, marshmallow root, parsley and red clover.

Important nutrients

You can get these important nutrients from foods that are rich in them, or you can use supplements.

For healthy kidneys you want to eat these foods:

  • blueberries
  • sea bass
  • cauliflower
  • arugula
  • radish
  • mushrooms
  • cranberries
  • pineapple
  • turnips
  • onions
  • bell peppers
  • cabbage
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • egg whites
  • red grapes


To give your kidneys a good cleanse, all you need to do is drink plenty of water and tea, avoid junk food and eat foods that provide nutrients that allow kidneys to thrive.