Weight loss doesn’t have to be too hard or too restricting.

Try these weight loss hacks and see how easily you can start losing weight.

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Drink only 0 calorie liquids

It’s so easy to gulp up hundreds of calories with just a drink or two. So, instead of sodas, juices and all that, stick with just basic zero calorie drinks, such as water, tea and black coffee.

Eat protein with every meal

Protein keeps you full for a very long time. And that helps you eat less and it also helps you avoid snacking. It’s easy to add some protein to every meal. You can have a boiled egg, some cheese, piece of meat, protein bar, protein drink.

Drink water with acv

Apple cider vinegar helps body break down fat cells, boosts metabolism and so much more. It is very effective at aiding weight loss. Add a tbsp of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Drink that before every meal.

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Walk a lot

Walking is great for weight loss and so easy to do. It’s enjoyable and relaxing. You can walk alone and listen to music or audio books, or you can walk with friends and have great conversations and fun. And of course, you can walk at home, on a treadmill or in place, while watching your fave show. Because walking is not hard, it’s easy to walk a few miles every day. And that’s some great calorie burn!


Now, this will shock you – fidgeting can burn up to 800 calories in a day! Of course, that amount of calories burned requires some serious fidgeting. But, the point is, fidgeting burns a great deal of calories. So you can just fidget and do little moves, like stretching out and taking the stairs, and you will burn a few hundred calories more than usual. And if you really want to burn as much as possible fidgeting, I recommend you to try SitFlow. It’s a desk gadget that allows you to fidget all day long. I personally love it and I think it’s really clever, but take a look on Amazon here and see what you think.

Do weight training

This one may seem hard, but it’s really not. To drop some serious fat and get in shape fast, the best thing to do is weight training. Short workout, with some added weight, 3 times per week will make an unbelievable change to your body.