Make it easy and convenient

For most of us, once we go hungry, we go for fast and convenient.

If that’s you too, do this

Do some food prep

Always have a salad or whatever you plan to eat prepared in advance

Use frozen

What’s easier than just getting a bag out of freezer

Buy plenty

When grocery shopping get plenty of vegetables and fruits you plan to eat. 
If you don’t have it you’re not gonna eat it. 

Eat a salad with every meal

Make or order a salad along every (or almost every) meal.

Most likely you are going to eat it when it’s right there on the table.

How To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

It doesn’t need to be a huge salad, a small one is enough.

Fiber from veggies and balsamic vinegar also help you digest other food you ate better and faster. 

Combine them with food you like

Combining fruits and vegetables with food you already love, makes it easier to eat it, and it also makes fruit and veg taste better. Or appear to taste better. Which is kind of the same.

Eat them first in the morning

Most likely you drink a cup of coffee or tea when you get up in the morning.

Try having a banana, orange or a few strawberries with your morning drink.

How To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

You start up your metabolism, get some nutrients and you’re easily adding some fruit  to your diet.

Make them your snacks

Chop up a bowl of fruit, add some coconut whipped cream and have it as a snack.

Or have some cucumbers and celery sticks with some cream cheese or hummus.

There are many ways to incorporate fruits and veggies with snacks you already like to eat.

Just make sure you’re watching your calorie intake but you still want to get satiated as well.

Blend them and enjoy delicious smoothies

Juice is a good option too, but smoothies are better because fiber doesn’t get thrown away.

Fiber is super important for good digestion and it keeps us feel full longer.

Smoothies are such a simple tasty way to easily add plenty of fruits and veggies into your diet.

Infuse water with them

Refresh yourself with water that has some nutrients in it!

To make fruit infused water all you need to do is chop up some fruit and add it in the water.

As that sits , water gets infused , which you’ll see by colour and you can also taste it.

Take a look at 7 detox water recipes, one for each day of the week! 

Switch dessert for fruit

Want to have something sweet?

How about some fruit instead of the usual unhealthy stuff?

Fruit is sweet but healthy as well.

How To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

You can have fresh fruit,  or dried or fruit chips.

But , make sure to be careful about portion sizes of dried fruit and fruit chips. They are much higher in calories than fresh fruit. 

Frozen is fine

It seems like some people feel that eating frozen fruits and vegetables is not as healthy as fresh or that it’s not even healthy!

Which is not true!

Frozen fruits and veggies are healthy and more convenient. Frozen means easier which means most likely.

How To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Most likely you will make a smoothie if all you need to do is dump some frozen fruit out of a bag into the blender.

And that’s why frozen is great! 

Motivate yourself

Everyone knows fruit and veg is good for health but still most don’t eat enough of it.

Motivation is very important, as with anything.

For example, you want to eat more spinach – look up all the benefits.

Get a good blender so that you can make smoothies all the time.

Think about how much better you feel and how much better you’ll look.

We’re all different, find reasons that motivate you.