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Working out first thing in the morning has many benefits and it’s definitely worth trying to get into.
It’s hard especially if you love sleeping and need hours after waking up to get going in the morning, but as with anything, if you do it long enough it becomes a habit.

And there’s nothing wrong with a cup of coffee before you start. And if you’re not a coffee drinker, try some black or green tea instead.

And for those of you that don’t have a problem getting up and getting productive right away, this is a great way to make sure your daily workout doesn’t escape your mind  as it’s the first thing you do in the day.
exercise in the morning

 1.  More time for more important stuff

Prepare your workout clothes and whatever else you may need the night before, then when you wake up in the morning just get dressed and go workout.
By the time you’re done with working out,  day is still just starting. And you have time left for everything else you need to do.

You still get your workout done, and you’re left with free time for stuff that matters more.

 2.  It’s easier to stay consistent

It’s every morning (except the day you choose for rest day).
You do it before you start your day so nothing can get in the way.
This makes it so much easier to stay consistent,  as we usually miss out workouts because other stuff that feels more important, gets in the way.
There’s no reason to skip a morning workout as by the time you’re done, your full day is still ahead of you.

 3.  You have more energy

I know…energy in the morning?
It’s true and hear me out.

You may not feel energetic first thing in the morning, but at that time of the day, you really are the most rested.

Once you start your workout in the morning, after only few minutes in, you will notice that you’re full of energy. You just needed to start the engine to get going.

 4.  Boost metabolism

Metabolism slows down during the night and it’s good to start it back up right away as we wake up.
And exercise is the best way because not only it gets it going, it boosts up metabolism like crazy!

And it still gets better, metabolism  stays increased all day long so you burn more calories.

 5. Set the right tone for the day

It’s true that how you start the day is very important.
Starting the day with an exercise means you’re going to get a good dose of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins which are feel good brain chemicals.
Dopamine is also going to increase your productivity and focus.

So basically, starting the day with being active means better mood, better productivity and more focus.

 6.  You’ll eat less

The truth about hunger is that most often it comes from the head not the actual stomach.
We love to eat, because it feels so good, of course, and that’s why were hungry all of the time.

Being that exercise releases happy hormones, workout will provide some of the satisfaction you need right in the morning, and in return you’ll crave food less, especially sugary stuff. Which means that most likely you will end up eating less.

 7.  Let your hormones work for you

Hormones, such as testosterone that helps build muscles, are at their highest in the morning.
So when you workout in the morning, you get better results just because your hormones are at a high level as opposed to the rest of the day.
See, working out in the morning means you’re working smarter instead of harder.